Saturday, January 19, 2008

PS I Love You - Second Trailer (#2)

WOW can you imagine watching a movie and crying every 10 minutes and i mean sobbing. I never wanna watch this movie again. . . simply because i never wann feel that miserable ever again. I even came home and cried again.
Make sure you go see this movie ladies and take a BOX of tissues not the little travel ones because sarah and i went through 3 packets.


Jody White said...

OMG thats looks so sad.
I think I'm gonna have to go and see it with my Mum and Sis, they love a real tear jerker.

Deb Ross said...

Hi Christie,

I haven't seen the movie yet, Leeanne said that she saw twice and cryed just as much, and now you have said how sad it is, maybe I will wait for the DVD and just sit at home with a box of tissues and a bottle of bubbles and watch in where no one can see me cry.

Love Deb