Thursday, September 6, 2007

happy anniversary babe

Wednesday was mine and chris' 4 year anniversary.

We went out for dinner to SOY in mornington it was awesome a great location for a really nice chinese dinner great atmosphere and food an service.

I also won a RAK from VITA. YAY

It is part of the PAY IT FORWARD 'RAK' and all you have to do is randomly select 3 people to RAK a handmade gift to and then they have to choose 3 people to RAK a hand made gift to.

The rules: OK im going to make it a little more interesting, i will choose winners based on them providing we thin their top 5 favorite movies in the comment's section of my blog. List your top 5 and i will put you into the draw to win a handmade RAK form me!!!!!!!!!!All you have to do is promise to pass the favor on and preferably be able to advertice it some how but if you dont have a blog i promise i wont descriminate as long as you promise to 'pay it forward'. i also have to mention how much i love the movie pay it forward. i have not watched it without crying ever and it is one of my favorite.

here are my 365 DAY SHOTS

MONDAY MY FAVOTITE pink explorers!
i love my explorers they were my grandmas and i borrowed them from her she used to say i only visited her when i wanted something :) and in this case she would have helped make my feet warm.....oh i miss her more and more every day 2 and a half years you would think it would be easire but i have to say it gets harder.

My favorite eye shadow it has been discontinued and i had to try a new one would you believe that is have taken me 3 attempts at buying a new one to find a new eyeshadow that is even close!


It was my uncles funeral today:(

He has been living at my mum's house in the granny flat that belonged to my grandma since july last year. he had throat and lung cancer and then cancer in his lower back. It was a nice service.

This morning i layed in bed with coby and PIP another of my favorite things to do. we just lay and chat it is pretty cool. Coby is pretending to be asleep.


i had my eyebrows waxed today!!!!!!! it has been a while i have been really slack and today i realised how little effort it really takes to get them done. I have really bushy dark eyebrows and they have long hair. THERE ARE NO FAVORITES HERE!

Ok that's all for today hopefully ill get scrapping soon so i have some LO to share.

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