Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo Challenge and Fireside Crafte Twice burnt Kit

Well here are some very rare photo's of me!
Why you ask?
The lovely pip prosser has started a 365 day photo challenge. The idea is to take a photo of yourself every day for a year. These photos don't have to be of you head they can be of any part of you. Are you up for it?

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Yeah know i know they aren't of my head but hay there are no rules remember and i will take advantage of that.

I love this scarf i bought if for my grandma about 6 years ago when in true grandma style she saw my one and needed to have one too. She was so like that, she needed to have everything she and had to have these things yesterday. HUM this is my daily struggle........i miss her more than i could have ever imagined......crying now......this post was not supposed to be sad. But i haven't expressed this at all ever......2 and a half years and it harder than ever. Well she is close by today keeping me warm! :(

So hard when you put together a post then add photo's add extra comments and then you have feelings you didn't think would occur and then want the post to flow.

So below is what i was gunna post but seems odd now.

Ok here is the second Fireside crafts Kit...TWICE BURNT! The kit is choc full of goodies there is a main kit (first photo) and an accessory kit(second photo).

Here are my DT LO.

there is one more and ill add it later.

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connie said...

Love those pics of you.. and soo loving that scarf!!!

Stunning layouts as always!!....


Sofi said...


I love all the photos, and love the bright colours of that scraf!

Gorgeous, gorgeous layouts! Simply beautiful!

pip said...

Three photos ... well done! Love the photo of the scarf, a good idea for those days when you just don't want to show your face. I like the layouts too. Have a good weekend Christie.

Katie Toland said...

Hey Christie (((hugs for you sweet girl))). Love your pics and layouts. Stunning as always, can't pic a fave. Love them all.

xx k