Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At peace with my scrap style

Here are my recent photos for the 365 day challenge The first photo is of me in my office where most of the photo's of me are taken..that's when i remember The second photo is of my ugg boots...i Love them but need new ones, they just aren't as warm as they used to be The third photo is of me last night after work very happy to have my laptop back and fixed.The fourth and today's photo is of Coby and me. He gives the best smooches.

For a few months now i have been stressing a little about my scrapping. Why don't my Lo get picked up to be published, should i cram more embellishments onto a page, should i mix suppliers papers when i scrap more often, should i use more hand journaling, are my photo's good enough.......................and so on.

NOW i have come to the realisation that my style is my style and and that is simply the way it is. So i have just been scrapping happily and amazingly putting Lo together in approx and hour or two then looking at it the next day and finishing it off and to tell you the truth i am enjoying it more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who would have thought? :)

So here is one of the recent Lo i have scrapped fairly quick for me and i LOVE it.

I actually created this Lo for a challenge on the Scenic Route Website they have monthly challenges and this month's is using the background papers. Wish me luck.

thanks for popping in



kirsty said...

hey i love you layout in fact i love all your work so good luck!
love kirsty

Jody said...

Gorgeous LO and great photo.

Good luck with the scenic route comp.

Lovin your scrappin style then and now.

Leeanne O'C said...

Hi Christie,

Thanks for popping over and leaving a message of my new Blog the other day, it's really nice to receive the messages.
Glad to hear you have realised your scrap syle is just that Yours. Everyone has their own style and there is No right or wrong. It would be pretty boring if everyone's work looked the same. Your work is fantastic and you should be proud of the beautiful work you produce.
Leeanne x

pip said...

Love the layout Christie, very funky. You should definitely scrap for yourself first and if the magazines just happen to like them, then that is a bonus. Are you going to enter the For Keeps thingy? I am undecided ... it is almost too much pressure and there is always that feeling of disappointed when your name isn't called. I know exactly how you feel. But we should remember that scrapbooking is a hobby and should be fun, fun, fun. Keep those photos coming.
Have a good day,