Friday, June 8, 2007

My Beautiful Girl

Pippa has had another visit to Groomingdales. Phillis has setup a blog take a look at her salon it is so cute, not a traditional grooming salon.

Pippa came home with her usual bows in her hair but one special added extra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How cute is her little scarf. Phillis made them herself she even hand sew a little paw onto one end of the scarf. SOOOOO SWEET.

Sorry about the red eye she doesn't usualy look that spooky
Check out the Groomingdales blog and make sure you leave a comment Phillis is new to all of this blog stuff and would be so amazed to hear from you all.

Well after the events that occurred in the start of the week i would like to say that things have gotten better...................well not really.

Chris called on Wednesday from mount bulla and told me how a Crane truck had collapsed and fallen on the chalet he was working on and the large hook at the end had swung around to where they were working 5minutes before and would have taken them out if they were still on that same balcony. Chris was i the building but ran onto another balcony and was safe at the opposite end of the house. Then they realised that the keys to the van and Chris co-workers wallet were stuck in the chalet in the tool bag so they had no cash and no way to get off the mountain.

Then Chris calls to tell me that he had a few can's of 'courage' and ran in to retrieve the bag with the keys and wallet. INTELLIGENT?

Well at least he came home a night early so that was a nice surprise.

I heard from the guy at the panel beaters yesterday and i have to pay the $1500 excess. SHIT

Then he called today and after i told him that i cant pay the excess until next Friday. He then mentioned that he can't give me my car until i pay the excess, this is what head office has told him to do.....WHAT. What makes things worse is that he wants the shitty loan car back because it has a broken headlight and is now UN-roadworthy. SO I WILL HAVE NO CAR FOR A WEEK.

Sorry to all the polite blog stalkers out there but that is BULL SHIT.

So i have done what all girls should do................I have given the loan car to my dad :). It is in his hands now. Thanks Donny.

I hate the way these middle aged tradesmen can think that all women or young women are idiots and have on idea and no ability to stick up for themselves. Especially when cars are involved.WANKERS

Of course i not going to just be polite and agree with his terms, he has no right to hold my car when it is an insurance job and he has already been paid for that job and this is a separate matter. WANKER

So i have told my dad that he isn't to leave without a car tomorrow and if i have to drive the shitty loan car next week i will drive to the police station and ask then to put an 'unroad worthy' sticker on it. COP THAT WANKERS.

Ok the most important thing is that i have only cried once about all of this and that is pretty good for me! Being over emotional and all.

Well i promise the next blog will be nice and cheery and be full of LO because tomorrow morning i am off to the remember when scrapbook retreat YAY. I have big plans for the weekend i aim for at least 5 Layouts completed. Wish me luck.

Thanks for all of your comments on the last post.



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Katie Toland said...

Hey Christy, geez you just can't get a good run at the moment can you. I hope things turn around very soon, and you have a nice long run of good luck!!!

Your little girl (the four legged one of course) looks beautiful with her scarf LOL. Too cute.

Love to see some more of your amazing layouts. HOpe you had a great time over the weekend.
xx k