Tuesday, June 26, 2007

help me

hay ladies
I have been looking to buy the 52 scrapbooking challenges book for a while now but i can't quite justify spending the $50 + australian to buy it. My birthady is in 2 week's and i was going to spoil myself but spending that much on a book is an unreaalistic purchase atm. Is there anyone out there who would like to sell a second hand copy or know where to buy one that is cheaper than that.
Leave me a comment if you can

Todays Photo.....................love you so much right now ruey.......the clock is ticking untill 1:15 when coby is at kinder and i can get my greys anatomy fix.............YAY


Christy said...

Hi Christie,
Got to you via scrap the boys blog. I would HIGHLY recommend the book. Its worth it, I have used it heaps. No help on where to get it cheap.. check out ebay (but I guess you know that) or swap/sell areas on the main forums. People sometimes cull their stash. Anyway thanks for the read...
From another Christy a bit further up north.

connie said...

that better not be NEW greys.. or else im coming to your house!!!!... love that show... never miss it and everyone here knows sunday night is MY night with the tv....lol...


Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, looking forward to seeing you on Friday night. I may be able to help with the book talk to me then.