Sunday, April 15, 2007


hello everyone in blog world hope you all had a fantastic Easter mine was nice and relaxed lots of catching up with friends.

I went out for tea to Chinese on Saturday night with Sarah, Mel and Ronelle had a lovely night with a lovely amount of wine. I was good to catch up with Mel she has been with her partner since year 10 in high school (11 years) and have plans to travel over seas again and they have just broken up. So it was a bit of a cheering up night. I'm happy to say she is doing fairly well as well as i would be in that situation. LOVE YA MEL

Then on Sunday nigh Chris and I took Coby to the Monster trucks in Cranbourne and it was awesome. 3 hours of 'non stop action' :) Coby had a ball watching the monster trucks, jet vans, stunt bikes and the 2 30 minute fire work displays. It was well worth the $ ($35 for adults and $15 for children over 3) and the 45minute wait in the que to get in. Coby got to ride in the back of the Monster truck which he loved and he also loved the super loud jet vans that had flames shoot out the back and hen they melted a Car. Coby was so sweet clapping and cheering with the crowd.

Then on Easter Monday Ronelle called and said the girls were going to the races to eat dip and drink wine...well i was in. Coby's dad had him for the night so Chris and i met the girls there and got pretty drunk it was great to see Mel again and Kellie.

I was sitting talking to the girls when i could see this little purple thing in the corner of my was Coby his dad had brought him to the races also and he had spotted Chris and i. It was so sweet he ran over and said 'Were you hiding mummy' So Coby ended up hanging out with me and the girls all day which was :) and a bit :( as i wanted to have a 'grown up' day but he was so well behaved and he loves just hanging out with us girl

I really enjoyed creating this LO i got to have a bit of a play and i could include the papers from all of the suppliers.
I have previously posted this LO but wanted to include it in order...such a bad scan! :)
I have also previously included this LO. I still love it, but i love anything pink and green at the moment.

Oh yeah I got my hair done on Saturday...........i am now a true brunette and i really like it. I don't have a photo of my new hair yet maybe soon. Chris got one of his pay rises he has been waiting for. His boss spoke to him last week and thanked him for all of the overtime and expressed how he has been impressed with how Chris had 'stepped up' in the past few weeks. Yay so that's why i have my hair done....Chris gave me a little bonus too!

While im on a roll ill post more EDM LO's


Another one that i have previously posted but keeping them all in order. It's a bit busy but it captures the weekend and the theme.

Coby is and about trucks, any and all trucks and i just had to capture it in a LO. This is seriously the one of 2 ways that he relaxes...the other being in front of the TV. He love his Sand pit too and i have to go and 'clean it out' every couple of days so he can actually fit in it.

This was one of the easier relaxation themed LO to do because i have so many photo's of Coby's the only time he sits still!:)

Ill post some photo's of the monster trucks soon and some other LO's

thanks for staying to read my LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post and I'm so excited that i have nearly had 600 hits on my blog..............not 600 comments though :( .




connie said...

WOW Christie you are a scrapping queen...loving all those stunning layouts...

iralamija said...

wow! love all your creations!!


Pip Prosser said...

Hey Christie, your layouts look great. So when do you hear if you have won a prize? Fingers crossed for you.
Cheers, Pip