Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comedy Festival / Fireside Crafts DT Layouts

Chris and i always seen to laugh at the same thing which is quite good when it comes to watching movies and this time of year when we try to get to the Melbourne comedy festival.

We decided to get tickets for the 'Chopper, harden the f#$k up Australia tour' Yes it sounds a bit odd but those of you who watch the 'Ronnie Johns half hour' know that the best part is when he takes off Chopper Reid. The show was based on the fact that Australia is getting 'soft' and needs to harden up. It was a very funny show that begun with everyone taking the 'chopper oath' which meant that if you agreed with chopper you had to raise your hand and say 'F$#KING oath'. It was pretty funny we tried to get Chris up as an audience member but we were too far back and a little bit eager. Chris ended up buying a T-shirt and got it signed and we managed to get a photo.

We had such a great night it ended up being Chris, his mate Fletcher my friend Kellie (now single doing fairly well) and myself. We got to the city at about 6:30 had a few drinks in the transport bar at federation square. The atmosphere was awesome because it was ANZAC day there were uniformed people everywhere having a ball it was a great place to be. We had pizza for tea and then had a few drinks in another bar at Fed square and then saw the show it started at 9:45 which was a bit late but we coped. We had such a great night federation square has a fantastic atmosphere and so many great places to eat, drink and just absorb the sights.

They have a huge Ferris wheel which was too big, Chris wants to come back to take Coby on it. I don't know how i would cope with that, i couldn't even watch it spin when we were standing under it let along bear the though of my 2 most precious boys being at the top spinning. Then there some how being a malfunction making it come off the stand with Chris and Coby trapped in the spinning wheel and then rolling into the Yarra. Maybe a bit dramatic, but could be possible...give me a break i don't like heights.

Kellie and i wanted a horse and cart ride but the boys put their foot down and said 'NO, maybe on the way home'. I am happy to say even though the boys sounded like parents we didn't walk off sulking like 8 year old girls. Kellie is a true farm girl who has always had horses so she would take any opportunity to get near a 'pony'.

So have you looked at the fireside crafts website yet, Pauline is busy making changes so it looks like more of a scrap booking website. take a minute to have a look.

Here are my DT Layouts for the April/ May kit.

I came across the new Blog 'Scrap the Boys' through Connie's blog and have since emailed through some LO which have recently been posted. So check out the link there is lots of boy layouts posted every couple of days.

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OH also Jody and i booked into the 'remember when scrapbooking' weekend for the queens birthday weeked which will be great. I can't wait for a whole weekend of scrapping without child or household distractions....bring it on.

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connie said...

That would have been the BEST sounds like you guys had a great night out!

Loving your DT stuff... Chrissy i really love your scrapping style...

gald you found the scrap the boys blog.. pretty cool.

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