Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hello everybody

Things have been really quiet here, Chris was home Tuesday and Wednesday unwell but not too unwell :) It has been nice to have him home just relaxing.

I have been busy with my paper doll DT Kit and I'm happy with the way my little 'BOX' has turned out. However when i go home yesterday i found it on my loungeroom floor with the petals of the flower chewed and some of the paper chewed. Coby saw it on the floor and quite matter of factly said 'well mummy you shouldn't leave your things on the floor' (wonder where he heard that from?) I had left it on the kitchen bench and my not so sweet little Pippa had gotten up there. There is a blanket box under the bench and she must have used it to get up. aren't i lucky TOY poodles are sooo clever :(.

I have also been busy creating instructions to start teaching classes a peoples houses. I have had a few people ask me about coming and teaching them monthly and i have decided to roll with it and see how it all goes. It it becomes successful, as in 2 to 3 classes a week i will look into purchasing some products wholesale.

Ok here are my last EDM LO's

this lo is a collage of smaller photos i have taken of my scrap space. This is where i spend all of my free time and I'm beginning to think i have too much free time because I'm in there a lot! I used the strano ribbon and also the tag from the free strano ribbon that came with FK. 'ribbon makes the world more colourful', i changed it to 'scrapbooking'.:)

This LO was done really quick, i was stuck on the creativity hobbies theme and i decided to put a different spin on it. I'm really pleased with the way it has worked out.

Yes your right this is only 1/2 a LO. I scanned the same side twice and didn't realise till i had sent the whole EDM album so you get a bit of an idea. This LO is about the first ever recognisable drawing Coby had ever done. I used the sassafrass lass papers for this because they have he lined paper that just reminds me of learning to write in primary school.

The last LO is the Cover of my EDM album. I covered a SEI preservation series album and kept with the theme i had been following all along. I really like how it turned out i agonised over it for days.

Im off out for t tonight with the girls one of my friends Kellie broke up with her boyfriend she had been seeing for 21/2 years and needs cheering up. Yes that's 2 of my friends that have broken up with or been 'dumped' by their partners in a matter of months.....Chris is starting to stress. :) I have reassured him that we will be fine...even better when i'm wearing my diamond! We have already chosen it, it's just a matter of a purchase and a proposal now.

Well i better go and finish a LO i started today.Now my EDM Lo are loaded i will share some other LO i have been working on.

don't forget to take a look at ill post my DT Lo here soon.

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connie said...

where do you find all that time to scrap.. girl... stunning as always...lov ethe cover of your album!!!

good luck with your home classes... such a great idea!!!...

take care..

Ruey said...

Your album cover is just gorgeous!!! Love all your EDM layouts....see you soon!!!