Monday, March 5, 2007

Soo Jealous

Well that's how im feeling at the moment......i so wish that i had organised to attend the scrapanalea retreat just reading Michelle, Ruey's and Katies blogs makes it sound like such an awesome weekend Jody and i chatted today and we are looking into attending one soon.....any suggestions?
I was playing around with my camera on saturday morning and trying to get a good shot of myself to do for a LO i'm desperate to use the new BG Phoebe collection and have a great idea in mind and i figured i need to scrap more girly pages and pages of myself.
Here it is,
There are a couple of other ones but i think one is enough.:)
I also scrapped 2 Lo on the weekend which is rare for me.
I started my 2nd last EDM lo and then put it to the side and grabbed another Photo of baby O he is so cute, i really need a few updated pic's of him. Im happy with this LO it's very simple but it is exactly what i wanted to achieve with the photo.

Then i finished the EDM LO on saturday.
I'm so happy with it but i am running out of 'moment' titles.:) It's for the My life month...i know i was a bit behind with this month just one more creativity/hobbies LO to do and an album to decorate and i'm done! YAY

It's a pretty poor scan but it will do! (just viewed it on my blog it's a really poor scan....i will try again tomorrow)

I am totally inspired at the moment heaps that i wanna scrap. I even have my last EDM LO sitting in front of me waiting to be finished. . .just to journal than posted.........what a relief EDM OVER. Well just the album to cover.

Thanks for stopping by.

BTW.... sorry if my blog sounds a bit funny i started it in tuesday night and finished it tonight.

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Jody said...

Love the LOs!!!!!

I am hanging to scrap, didn't do anything last night, too many vinos.......

I'll give you a copy of my photo if you give me a copy of yours???????