Monday, June 30, 2008

Is anyone interested........... either of these games.
They were purchased about 2 months ago and coby is just not into them.

Great games i don't understand why he just likes what he like i guess......
They are in perfect condition each has seriously been played only about 3 times.

I was thinking $30 each with free postage the dora one was bought for $50 and the chipmunks one was Bought for $60. Email me at if you are interested.
How are your school holidays so far? I have the first week off and the first day has been great. We went swimming today, morning t at nic's tomorrow and disney on ice on friday. Im hoping to get a bit of a sleep in on a few of these days too.
Great news on the Puppy front but ill share that next post.
don't forget to email me if your interested in the games

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