Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hi everyone

The Past few weeks have been pretty busy with the debling weekend away and well just life being life everyone i know seems to be busy and the miserable winter weather is making it so much harder to get motivated!
Chris and I went to My nephew Matty's 50th Footy game the other week. It was a freezing Cold Foggy day.

Matty next to his banner with his Dad his Pa and Baliley...coby is there with his head behind the banner.

Here is matty at 1/2 is his hair!
Coby and Bailey.
i went to the movies on sat. I took coby and bailey to see an advance screening of Kung Foo have to go see it especially if like me you LOVE jack black. It was so funny and there was absolutely NO boring bits. Other than that my weekend has been really laid back...gotta love quiet weekends.

I have been looking very closely at getting one of these bags for my camera you can find them here.

You can purchase different Flaps so you can change the look of your bag and also purchase matching camera straps. They have the most amazing fabrics so you can make the bag really suit your personal style!

Here is what it looks like inside. Enough space for a purse, keys, phone and a spare lens. LOVE IT it will be definitely be put in the NEED category....confused? see previous post!:)

Have a look here i have posted a new LO using my fave Buzz and Bloom chip alpha 'That 70's Alpha' Here are some sneak peeks.

Cobys new are one thing i do splurge on for coby i like him to have skate shoes they are more expensive but they are so cool and they wear so well....if they get dirty i just put them in the washing machine with towels and they come up new. These are so cool i had them ordered in especially from the local surf shop.
That's all for today Ill post some Photos form my drunken singstar night with the girls next time.


Tracey said...

Love your layouts they look great the camera bag looks great

Leeanne O'C said...

That camera bag looks way cool may have to put that on my Must Have list.
Love the muted tones in your sleepy baby layout. Very Nice indeed.

I'm with you on Kung Fu Panda its a real must see.


leeanne x