Tuesday, October 30, 2007

sorry again guys here are my 365 day shots for 2 weeks.
ill do my best to post them more frequently. . . .
Friday 12th October

With bag in hand ready to go to the paperiffic expo.

Sat 13th October

I love these earingsSunday 14th october

Makeup...what would i do without it. Went to DFO today with Kellie and spent way too much but had a great day....of course i did kellie is just so much fun to hand out with!Monday 15th october Kicking back on my bed after workTuesday 16th october
Coby almost always has a sandwich for breakfast on creche and kinder days and it always has to have straz, chicken meat or ham on it, unless we abandon breakfast at home all together and stop at bakers delight on the way.Wednesday 17th october. Love my wednesdays off and love my $5 necklace i bought from DFO Thursday 18th October

I have these lying around my house everywhere and i always keep them and never use them...at all.
Friday 19th October....Caulfield cup eve..... Do you like my new necklace.

Saturday 20th October CAULFIELD CUP DAY YAY.

Ronelle, Michelle and I. Sober at this stage

Then a little drunk! See Chris' head in the background!

Sunday 21st October when i woke up today my feet were killing me and they looked like this.......SPRAY TANS!

Monday..still recovering from caulfield cup i took the day off . My phone died on saturday and i replace it with this groovy one. It is pink and it helps support breast cancer. LOVE ITTuesday 23rd October Bought myself a cuttle bug....it is so cool.Wednesday 24th October MY addiction...gel pens on my LO's.


i enrolled coby into pre prep at hastings primary today 1 hour after i found out they were introducing the program for the first time next year. What a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.Thursday 15th October...Gotta love a million little things, deliver in 1 week from the us and super cheap prices. Friday 26th october Im my scrapping room before i leave for work.saturday 27th October Washing to be folded...yuckSunday 27th October I wore these out last night and surprisingly they didn't hurt as much as they did for caulfield, i love them more now that i know i can wear them ***note to self *** a few wines takes away the pain of cool shoes that hurt feet! Feeling a little hung over today too many drinks were mixed last night and i should have listened to the little voice that says GO HOME before i entered the last pub. :(Monday 29th October Loving the new james patterson book Double Coss, they are my ultimate favorite booksTuesday 30th October...yes they are red eyes you see. Why you ask? lets just say whenever things been to be going really good someone always seems to shit me.
Ok i won't leave you with a miserable picture.

How sweet. . . . this is what gets me through the bad times. (no the photo isn't portrait he actually has his head on the side. LOVE HIM!

Ill post some LO tomorrow i have a few to share.

Bye all.

Pleaseeeeeee leave a comment out there all you blog stalkers. If there is more than 15 comments i will give a RAK away! Go on do it!


Deb Ross said...

Hi Christie,

Great to catch up on those photos
Thank you so much for my RAK I love it, I have had a few people comment on how cute that it is.

Look forward to catching up on Saturday.

Love Deb xxxx

Nancy said...

I'm one of those terrible blog stalkers! :)) Good to see someone catching up with their blog!.


mich said...

I'm leaving a comment because I really like you as a person (not because I'm after a RAK ... LOL). And girl have you been shopping!!!!! :) :)