Monday, October 1, 2007

Grand Final Day/ROVE/My Scrap room

Grand Final day was awesome.

Chris, Kellie, Malcolm and Berry and i sat at Federation square and watched the game and drank all day which turned out to be a very messy occasion. Kellie and i laughed all day. We payed ZERO attention to the game but made new friends and forgot about everything outside out own little world it was awesome.
Here are some photos.
y to watch the game and to get away and we ended up 'kidnapping' them and taking them back to mornington. It was so much fun to meet new people and to know that the intentions were honest because kell and i both have partners and the boys knew that.
So i think MICHAEL is on the left and MATT is on the right. EXCUSE MY HAND
The boys ended up drinking these super large cans of been called SAPPORO it is an ASIAN beer and the bar was charging $12 a can......i don't think the $ factor made a difference on the day the atmosphere was awesome and we had planned to have a big one. Check out kellies bad boob stubby holder form FIJI
I was dared to drink half beer and half vodka and raspberry it was foul. But in the spirit of the day i did it and got another drink shouted for my efforts. YES I HAD A HUGE HANGOVER ON SUNDAY.

Yes the night is a bit of a blur but hay we never go out anymore and make the most of it when we do. I have no idea what time we got home but when i woke up on Sunday i was greeted with a MASSIVE headache that didn't seem to really go away.

We had to be in Southbank at 5:15 for ROVE LIVE on Sunday night which wasn't as much of a mission as i thought it was going to be. The show was great but i don't think Chris and i managed to get our heads on TV. But that was alright by me because my head was looking a bit average. :)


Today I picked coby up from mum's house and after i dropped him off at creche i popped into frankston to get dress shopping. . . bad idea when you are still hungover and have eaten take away all weekend.Without any luck i stopped into paper doll to grab some new American crafts papers and ended up chatting to wendy for about 2 hours. Love the scrap therapy. THANKS WENDY. MWAH

Then i came home and cleaned out my office.

CHECK THIS OUT...............................

How cool is this? Different angle.......I had an old frame and got my dad to cut some peg board to fit into it. It looks so cool sitting on my shelf with my most used products (ATM).

I have also included some shots of my scrap room for those of you who might be curious.

That's all for now ill post my 365 day shots tomorrow in a separate post.

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Wanda said...

Hi Christie, your scrap room looks very cool!! I envy all those with a spare room lol! Hey, does Kellie have a sister named Amy???

wendy treseder said...

Wow!!! I'd love to live in your scraproom. Can I? please? lol

PS. You look pretty good drunk. lol

connie said...

love you
its great to go out now and then and let been a while for me....

i am so in LOVE with your scrap room... please tell me where you got that desk from... cause i want one BAD!!!
maybe you should come to my house and do my room for me??

take care