Friday, February 23, 2007

Did a Bit of shopping

Went to Paper Doll this afternoon and got the New Basic Grey and Scenic Route Papers. YAY
Love the SR chip circles and the whole range of Savannah and love the whole range of Phoebe so i got it all. Picked up some sheets of the Stella ruby as well.
I have a huntsman spider in the hall way and I am stuck with coby in my scrap room.Coby totally freaked out which surprised me so i had to keep it together for his sake...super mum?
Waiting for coby's dad to arrive so he can kill it




Coby's Dad is here to save the day. i have never been so excited to see him. :) Then he went to the kitchen and came back with a container.....................he was going to set it free outside. I told him that that isn't what happens in my house they must die. But i think he ignored me and set it free. NOT HAPPY.

Just a quick post today...was my last day at the kinder jason was listening to the village people 'Mucho Man' at 8am this morning when i got to work...................shouldn't that be illegal?
It just justified how glad i am to be leaving. felt a little sad especially that none of the parents know, jason didn't bother informing them :(.

So next week i will be at the Pub and will prob begin with the agency soon see how that goes.

well off to have a girls night out.................mmmmmmmmmmm wine.

Catch ya later ladies


Jody said...

OMG Whats wrong with you girl, 2 posts in the matter of days.....Good on you!

I'm jealous I want some new goodies too. Just too busy today organising the walk. I think I have replied to about 30 emails, oh well at least thats a good sign..... Have a good girlie night......You totally deserve it after the week you've had.

Luv from me......

connie said...

YMMMMMMYYYYYY... BG... you lucky girl... by the time i get into PD it will be all GONE!!!...

Hope you had a grat night out with the girls!!!

And sorry about your job... wasnt ment to be...but the main thing is that you are HAPPY!!

Stay safe...