Monday, May 19, 2008

Need VS Want.............

I am always faced with this question especially when it comes to scrapbooking....
What is a need? What is a want?
I could pretty much argrue and turn ant want into a need but after 5 years chris knows me pretty well and convinces me otherwise. Ultimately i hate waiting for anything my grandma was the same she always wanted everything yesterday, and she usually got it ...well a day too late but she got it. My mum is excat same and so am i.
Here are some of my Wants and Needs at the Moment

Number one......NEED a new puppy, i have a week off in 5 weeks and hopefully we will have a new family member then.

NEED this whole love elsie daisy line

Need this whole love elsie forrest line Making Memories desktop carousel.

Want...more charms for my pandora bracelet.

Need...a slow cooker

Want....a GHD hair straightener...these things are awesome

Need....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :)

that's all for today ill post some pages soon

Christie :)

1 comment:

mich said...

Awh! Did you miss that note that said there's no difference between want and need? Apparently men put in that fine line just to confuse us! There is no grey area, no fine line, want=need. Those B&B products are very very gorgeous. Look forward to see your creations. :)