Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally An Update..............

Firstly i would like to thank everyone that sent their best wishes after loosing Pip. Whether is was via, phone, email or in person i really appreciated it.

Well i would like to report that i am feeling much better but unfortunately I'm not.

I really dislike being home at the moment the house is so empty without my girl following me around. I am so surprised her death has effected me they way it has but ultimately she was mt daughter and a massive part of my life i still open the door when i get home and wait for her to come up to me. I still go to open the back door to let her out. I still head down the dog food isle at the supermarket and every nigh i still go to get her bed and pop it beside mine.

I miss my girl terribly.

For those of you who don't know here are the details...........

in between Christmas and new years pip was hit by a 4wd. she broke both sides of her pelvis and had surgery to put plates and screws in her pelvis. she had severe nerve damage in her toes so she didn't use her back right leg. A few weeks ago she begun using her leg just when she was standing and walking. she was the same little 'pippa' but just got tired easily and couldn't jump...not always a bad thing :)Then last week we noticed she wasn't herself and seemed constipated. we took her into the vet where she was admitted to have xrays and an aenema (spelling?). They called later that day to say the aenema wasn't working and that Dr Charles kuntz from highett was happy to operate to remove the faecies but might have to remove and replace the plates costing $3000 and the problem was more than likely going to happen again. So the tough decision was made and i feel terrible.

Well there you go.

You would think that i had had my fair share of bad luck well you are certainly wrong.

Coby spent 2 nights at his granddads house last weekend and chris and i were sitting in a cafe enjoying breakfast when i got a phone call from coby's granddad, coby had fell on the skateboard ramp on his scooter and looks like he has a broken wrist. when it rains.................

So chris and i headed down to wonthaggi to see coby and we were told that he needs to be put to sleep to but his wrist growth plates back in the correct place. However we needed to drive to dandenong for this to be done. So off we go in the car with coby delirious from his pain relief and drive from wonthaggi to dandenong. Cobys was so funny he was insisting it was his lucky day because he was getting stickers and bravery awards WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So off we headed to dandenong where coby slept for 30minutes but was in good spirits while he was awake. If was a little difficult for him because he had to be put under anesthetic he had to fast....try telling that to a 5yo boy when you pass a MacDonald's or kfc every 5 minutes. And yes coby having to fast meant we all had to fast as a family.

Ultimately he was pretty good in pain but not too upset.

We got to dandenong and they were apparently expecting us well that's what the wonthaggi doctor had told us but no they werent and we had to go through the whole emergency procedures again even though we had xrays done and a referral apparently when it rains it HAILS! I was so annoyed so after sitting in emergency for another 30 minutes ready to explode i approached a triage nurse and explained the situation...all the while i still hadn't cried..tough mummy!

The nurse was lovely and was concerned that his pain medication would wear off soon and took us through. Things went pretty quick from there and we met the orthopedic surgeon and she had him booked in for surgery for 10:30 and we could move to the children's ward and would have to spend the night.

We eventually went for surgery at 11pm and coby woke up at 3am STARVING. He still had to wait a few hours for food but his arm was in plaster up to his shoulder and he wasn't is as much pain as we was.

Eventually after me sleeping for about an hour and coby sleeping about 6 hours coby woke up pretty perky and had breakfast and a 11am we were discharged. YAY

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's and got coby chips, a burger and nuggets and a drink he scoffed the lot and slept the rest of the way home. We got home and coby slept for another hour and i slept for 3 while chris stayed up and catered to coby's every need.

What a DAY!

We seem to have the worst Luck!

ok if you have stayed with me this long thanks. ill share some photos and some Buzz and bloom sneak peeks tomorrow but now I'm off to scrap with ruey and the girls YAY
BTW no time to spell check or proof read hope it is ok!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I just happened upon your blog, and my bloody eyes haven't stopped crying. You see we have just got a little puppy and our hearts are filled with love for our little Muttley. So, keep your chin up and remember the hppy times (how easy is it to forget the woopsies on the floor now?) Anyway, my thoughts are with you. Hope your little boy is OK now too. Poor little blighter, that would be very uncomfortable having a cast that big.

Rebecca Vavic said...

Oh love... my thoughts are with you and yours. I hope Coby's wrist heals quickly and 100%.

Also hope you greive as much as you need to about your Pip.