Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter to everyone

WARNING this post will be very photo heavy!

Coby is really getting into drawing and writing at the moment. Here is a picture he drew last week at school it is the 3 billy goats gruff and the troll bridge. I just love how he has made the billy goats 3 different sizes and the luittle flowers down the bottom. Coby has also been bringing home home work sheets and spent an hour the other night on a easter colouring competition. Coby ha s always had good concentration but has never really been interested in drawing or writing which has been cool by me because he is a boy and as long as there is a tiny interest in drawing and he has a good attempt at his name and recognises some letters im happy. Coby has also been really hard on himself and wants his letters to look the same as mine and his pictures to look 'perfectly' recognisable. Check out his upside down b and y! BTY the troll was drawn on the reverse side of the page. See below.

We have had a good easter so far we went to see the monster trucks in cranbourne on friday night and on saturday night we went to sandy point (near wilsons prom) for the night and i got lots of lovin from these to beautiful girls.

Lilly and India they are so sweet and you never hear a peep out of them. I forgot who is who :)

Ronelle and i were being clever telling them apart all weekend because india had a scratch on her nose, well now i can't see a scratch at all so im stuck for telling them apart. :)

Coby and Xavier had an easter egg hunt sunday morning......the first real one coby has ever done (bad mum i know) the kids had a ball and plenty of eggs for breakfast. We/Easter bunny got coby a footy jumper for easter after his dad choosing collingwood as his team from before he was even born coby last year decided that he wanted his team to be the tigers thats cool by me even though i have spent many car trips teaching him the hawthorn theme song. Coby isn't a big chocolate fan he will eat a bit but im sure that the eggs will stay in his basket for 30 days before chris and i take free reign and consume them all. :)

The holiday house we stayed in was very nice really modern and all recently renovated. I will surely be going back there again with bree and chris and their kiddies. Ronelle and steve were also there it was such a relaxing few days i really enjoyed myself. Ill finish the post with some photos of the egg hunt.

Oh BTW does anyone read my blog anymore?don't forget to leave me a comment


Kerryn said...

Hi Christie,
Don't you just love kids drawings. So gorgeous.

Katie Toland said...

Hi Christie. I hopped in! :)
Happy Easter to you. The egg hunt looks like fun, love Coby's drawings and great to hear he's gong well at school.

Take care, and hopefully we can catch up soon!
xx k

connie said...


GO TIGERS!!!.. Good man!!... lol..

mich said...

Egg hunt looked really fun. Some nice pics there! Gorgeous babies, colourful yummy eggs, and chocolates, and carrot, and .... more chocolates... :) :)

Rebecca Geach said...

Love all your piccies...
Blog update required :)
Bek x

Rebecca Vavic said...

Where did my comment go?
I am such a numpty!
Love all your piccies...
Give us an update love, whatz happenin?