Friday, February 8, 2008

Buzz and Bloom Project, My boy starting school and Pregnant Bianca

Have you been here lately?

Make sure you stop bye because every second day there are new inspiring products that the amazingly talented buzz and bloon DT girls have been working on showcasing buzz and bloom products.

Today is my turn to share my mini book that i created for my first monthly assignment. The pictures are a little small not sure what happened but ill share the front cover here today and the rest of the pages in another post. So head over to the buzz and bloom blog and have a look.

Ill quickly share some photos of my big school boy.

He has d0ne so well. His first day was on friday the 1st of feb and this week was his first full week. He did get a little tired and precious towards the end of the week but he has enjoyed himself and is very disapointed on weekends that he doesn't bet to go.

He looked at some of these photos on my camera and said 'i look so big mum, i look like a work man'.Andhe is so right he does look so big. Chris and i dropped him off and picked him up for his first day i was so greatful to be able to start work late and finish early.

Ok this was suposed to be a short post but have a look here.

Connie took these amazing shots of my hot friend bianca who is due to have her babe in 2 weeks. Connie is so clever and is always coming up with fantasitc ideas. Make sure you take a look ay her photography blog.
Dont forget to share your favorite songs it is really easy to register to youtube and then upload clips directly to your blog. I wanna hear averyones favorites.

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